Hi, we're Paul & Kim from the UK.
We started off as a soft swap couple  in the summer 2006. We're new and wanted to share our journey into swinging with everyone to hopefully help others. We found that there wasn't alot of help out there until we actually met some swingers at Desire and were able to ask them questions face to face. We have progressed on to full swap, you can find out how that went in our podcast "Episode 6". We will tell you about our thoughts, feelings, worries and all the good and bad times we have. Hopefully we don't have any bad times, but I'm sure one day it'll happen.
Please register on our Forum where you can tell us about yourselves and ask us questions about our shows etc. Also take a look at the gallery and feel free to upload a pic or two yourselves.
We hope to see you on there soon. 

Paul & Kim XXX