Our Trip to Fun4Two in Rotterdam Holland for Paul's 30th birthday in July 2007 was a 1st for us. We'll surly return many times I can tell you that. It is the most beautiful swinger club we have seen to date. With attention to detail in EVERY part of the club from the drive way up to the club down to providing deodorant in the many toilets and shower rooms, even hair spray for the ladies was provided.

We booked a hotel room and taxi service to and from Fun4Two though Fun Hotels and got a great price. The room and round trip in a private taxi was only 100 Euros. Our hotel in Amsterdam was 170 Euros per night by it self. See below for more details and a link to their web site. If you book with them, say hi from us, we don't get any money from recommending them.

Tantra Area At Fun4Two


Click Here for the application form to take to Fun4Two on your 1st visit


Our Trip To Amsterdam's Image:Flag of Amsterdam.svg Red Light District             

Image:Amsterdam red light district 24-7-2003.JPG

Disney Land For Adults

Here is a typical picture of Amsterdam's Red Light district. You can't take pictures of the girls in the windows, so for our own safety this is the closest we got with the camera.It was  amazing walking around and looking at all the great looking girls in the windows. It was like Disney Land for adults. You have to see it to believe it, trust us!!!

The Red Light District is not as seedy as you may think, it's considered a tourist attraction and is kept pretty clean and safe to wonder around. You'll find a wide range of people visiting the Red Light District, not just guys wanting a quickie, but couples young and old, groups of girls/women as well as the odd family here and there.

There are many types of shops, bars, coffee shops and sex theatres amongst  all the red lit windows with a woman in next to nothing enticing you in.


 Fun Hotel & Taxi Services.
Here you will be able to book a hotel room and /or taxi. You can also book a taxi to and from the national airports. (Button Taxi Service). For now you will be able to book the hotels listed under the button Hotels. This is who we used to book our Hotel and Taxi in episode 10 and we can't recommend them enough, fantastic service.